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transparent fees

get the most from your hard work. we cover all fees, including chargebacks, so you can keep more of your earnings

bake recipes, discover new fans

get exposure to entirely new audiences by baking popular recipes. create content fans actually want, when you want

convert fans into paid subscribers

use your dedicated baker profile page to build custom subscription tiers and rewards, and share private content with your loyal fans

express yourself

tired of being censored on facebook, twitter, instagram, patreon? share nsfw content with your fans on your baker stream without fear of being banned

become a baker

to apply, create an account and upload a picture of your driver's license or ID to verify your age

once approved for baking, you'll be able to bake recipes and access your dedicated baker profile page

frequently asked questions

confused by all the baking references? don't worry, we have answers to some commonly asked questions! for a more in-depth rundown of how everything works, head over to our how it works page

what's a baker?

bakers are nsfw content creators who are interested in fulfilling recipes shared by other users. anyone can become a baker, provided they agree to follow heartpie's baking guidelines and upload a valid age verification document (such as a driver's license or ID)

to learn more about bakers, click here

how do baker subscriptions work?

fans of a particular baker can show their support by subscribing directly to the baker on a monthly or per-bake basis. bakers can set up subscription tiers and custom rewards for their subscribers

subscribers get access to watch all of their baker's prior and future bakes, view private subscriber-only posts on their stream, and post comments in their discussion area

to learn more about baker subscriptions, click here

what are recipes?

recipes are nsfw ideas shared by users, presented in an easy to follow format nsfw content creators to use as a guideline when fulfilling the recipe

to learn more about recipes, click here

what's a bounty?

bounties are payments from a user to a baker in exchange for fulfilling a recipe. popular recipes will often have many open bounties, and a baker can be awarded with multiple bounties from different users for a single bake

to learn more about bounties, click here

what fees does heartpie charge?

we charge a single, simple 20% flat fee on withdrawals

there is no fee if you use your funds within heartpie (for example, placing bounties on recipes or subscribing to other bakers). for more information about our fee philosophy, why we charge it, and where it goes, check out this answer

is it free to become a baker?

absolutely! we don't charge anything to become a baker, and there are no weird things like paying to become a "pro" baker or to get your content featured

to learn more about becoming a baker, click here

what are the requirements to become a baker?

to become a baker, a clear copy of your picture identification card (eg. driver's license or ID) must be uploaded. once uploaded, a heartpie moderator will be notified to review this document to verify your age. once verified, your account will be upgraded to baker status, which grants you the ability to bake recipes and access your dedicated baker profile page

what are the baking guidelines?

there are three guidelines all bakers must follow when baking

first, videos must be filmed natively in at least 1080p resolution and be a minimum of 5 minutes in duration. if you're able to film in 4K or 60FPS, let us know! we're working hard to push for high quality content, so may be interested in helping sponsor some of your bakes

second, you will need to show the current date and the word "heartpie" when baking a recipe. it can be written anywhere: on a piece of paper, on your hand, be as creative as you want! it must be displayed by the baker only, and cannot be edited or cut into the video. this helps ensure the original content being uploaded was filmed with your consent

lastly, only verified bakers may participate in the video. anyone who directly participates in or provides assistance to participants in your video must also have a verified baker account. this helps us ensure all participants in your video are consenting adults

what's the bakery?

the bakery houses all the finished recipe videos made by bakers. only supporters of the bake, subscribers to the baker, and users who tip the baker have early access to watch the full video in 1080p

to learn more about the bakery, click here

do bakers receive 1099-MISC forms?

bakers who make $600 or more through heartpie in a given tax year will receive a 1099-MISC form from us, as required by the IRS for all 1099 contractors. whether or not taxes are owed will depend on each baker's specific tax situation - please be sure to consult with a tax advisor for professional tax advice

to learn more about taxes, see our tax guide

i have more questions!

don't worry, we've got you covered! take a look through our faq for answers to even more questions

if you still can't find what you're looking for, come find us on /r/heartpie, twitter, or email us directly at team@heartpie.com. we'd love to hear from you!

how it works

read on for some quick answers to commonly asked questions

or head over to our baking faq for a detailed rundown of how everything works

baking guide

have feedback?

we're pretty new and things are still a bit rough around the edges. we would love to hear from you on what we can do better or do differently!

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