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explore the wilderness and shoot some sexy videos of yourself against a scenic, outdoorsy backdrop (naturey stuff, like mountains, trees, rivers). go all out and be fully nude, or leave some appropriately themed clothes on (hiking boots, backpack, leggings, etc.)

comment from clarabelle

A little walk in the woods, complete with masturbation session.

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@clarabelle for now, the notifications are only via email, but we do plan to have a basic messaging system within the site (which will include displaying notifications for things like mentions, PMs, etc.) before we leave beta

@teamheartpie I got a notification via email but no way to check my notifications on the site. Though I'm on mobile...

@clarabelle tagging feature should be live - tag us back if you get a notification ;)

done and done! well, almost - the POV ingredient has been added to your bake, and we're working on the @person tagging feature right now. we'll be sure to tag you when it's live to make sure it's working 😜

@teamheartpie (does the tagging feature actually work?) can I add a POV tag to my bake?

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