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walk around in a public place (grocery shopping, the mall, a park, movie theatre, etc.) with a buttplug hidden under your clothes. don't forget to show it to the camera while you're out and about!

comment from SirenZoeHaze

Hello fellow perverts! I found a cozy spot on the creek bank next to the trails of the River Green Way to do a cute flash/tease show for you...as well as any of the various people walking the paths around me; all who are likely to have spotted me shaking & spanking my booty, twirling, hip gyrating, pussy fingering, titty jiggling/squeezing, and showing off my new pink rhinestone butt plug purchased JUST for this clip! I'm glistening with sweat from the humid summer day, but also from the immense rush of getting naughty in public. As I insert the plug into my untrained, tight ass I'm watching disc golfers who could surely see me if they looked my direction! Twice, people walked RIGHT by me so I had to act normal (AS IF THAT'S POSSIBLE HAHAA). The whole experience was beyond exhilarating & I can't wait to film more juicy, fun, tidbits for you. Thanks to those who nominated me & award me their bounties! Don't forget to tip me if you appreciate my divine hotness! XOXO Zoe

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