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I always think about how I'd be helpless to turn down a girl who wanted my attention (maybe just to spite my girlfriend) and knew she could get me to worship her feet. Especially if she's teasing me with the fact she can get me to cheat on my girlfriend and enjoys the power trip.
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You notice me staring at your feet in sandals, and you're curious as to why it's a turn on so you decide to show me what your bare feet look like with the sandals on and off.
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Anime girl / super hero smokes a cigarette and wants you to jerk off for her.
Have you ever needed crutches, a cast, or a brace, and would you be willing to model them for me? Show off your feet, walk with your crutches, show me how you put on/take off your brace, tell me about the good/bad parts of your cast/brace experience. Foot fetish with a twist :)
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