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while playing with yourself or with your favorite toy. if you've ever seen the old viral Kasia video where she's on the phone with a dildo, you know exactly what i'm talking about :)
Young, hot girl or couple in roller skates doing some tricks, showing off some skills, stretching, & masturbating/fucking.
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I never knew there was a name to this, but once I saw it everything clicked! I love butts with feet!
The art of the tease is what i would like to see Cute girls in Lingerie teasing and bringing themselves to climax whilst still in there underwear, occasional flashes are nice.
play with yourself until you cum squirting while moaning all the way
Gentle giantess use her tiny boyfriend as a buttplug before playing games
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It's the holiday season so what could be better than a holiday themed hysterical literature? Only a Grinch wouldn't enjoy listening to a Christmas story being read by a sexy lady with a Hitachi betwixt her legs. If you attempt this bake, I promise you won't end up on Santa's Naughty List.
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Simple and classic position for masturbating!
Masturbate in a changing room in a fairly busy mall. Bonus points if the curtain is not completely closed
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You and your man both cum in your panties and head out on the town. We get to watch you walking around in public knowing you are tingling from your recent orgasm and feeling both of the creamy results against your skin.
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Starting from a state of non arousal to orgasm, as you masturbate you must describe how it feels (get detailed) and what your body is doing (erect clit? How wet are you? Etc.). Men want to know.
Show off and play with your small penis while wearing sexy panties.
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I always think about how I'd be helpless to turn down a girl who wanted my attention (maybe just to spite my girlfriend) and knew she could get me to worship her feet. Especially if she's teasing me with the fact she can get me to cheat on my girlfriend and enjoys the power trip.
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Masturbation with a popsicle/ice cream bar.
A peeping Tom is spying on a busty and fit MILF type. Could be a next door neighbor, a friends mom, stepmom, etc. She should be showering, changing, or pleasuring herself (or all 3!) She catches him. Instead of running, he seduces her and they have sex.
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I want to go to bed rested. Let's add a sensual twist to the standard boilerplate ASMR video.
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