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snowboarding, skiing, even snowshoeing, anything goes as long as you're out having fun in the snow
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For the true dubstep fans. Turn up the music and rock out naked or do a sexy strip tease to some heavy bass.
Although this does already happen (every year, there's the World Naked Bike Ride), how about some dedicated solo videos of you riding a bicycle naked?
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I've just never had the motivation to learn from a cookbook or youtube video because they're usually sooo boring and dry. Would love to watch a naked instructional cooking video that actually teaches me how to make something quick and tasty.
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explore the wilderness and shoot some sexy videos of yourself against a scenic, outdoorsy backdrop (naturey stuff, like mountains, trees, rivers). go all out and be fully nude, or leave some appropriately themed clothes on (hiking boots, backpack, leggings, etc.)
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We all love it when ladies showcase their amazing sexiness. I'd like to see some of our models (you know what I mean), do a little turn on the catwalk
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remember the good ol days before twitch cracked down on nudity? when you could just chill on your couch, eat some cereal, do some homework, and distract yourself with naked chicks playing league of legends in the background?
Someone having fun with their cats in a relaxed atmosphere. Cats should look happy.
Having a conversation while having sex. Not sexy talk or porno style conversation, but like a casual conversation.
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