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Nothing like a qt tiny tushy that really catches my attention!
i'm actually a baker here, but as a bi chick this is something i've wanted to see for a long time. i'm looking for something where a girl in a schoolgirl uniform or cheerleading outfit seduces another girl wearing one of those outfits! bonus points for cheerleading outfit over schoolgirl outfit.
As artsy as it gets! Colored lighting, interesting angles, pretty background, glitter... anything! I also love pastel colored hair and petite girls, but that's optional :)
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You are face down ass up, ass spread "winking" and fingering your asshole.
This recipe is easy and straight forward, it just requires you go get your puckered asshole up close to the camera and fart!
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I want to go to bed rested. Let's add a sensual twist to the standard boilerplate ASMR video.
Take photos that I supply in an imgur album, and give me your meanest, cruelest, most creative small duck humiliation video you can make!
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