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one of my favorite videos of all time is a girl trying to order mcdonalds while her boyfriend controls the vibrator. haven't run across anything like it since... sadface.
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walk around in a public place (grocery shopping, the mall, a park, movie theatre, etc.) with a buttplug hidden under your clothes. don't forget to show it to the camera while you're out and about!
Nothing more amazing then a cute girl walking around wagging her tail with excitement
Masturbate in a changing room in a fairly busy mall. Bonus points if the curtain is not completely closed
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You and your man both cum in your panties and head out on the town. We get to watch you walking around in public knowing you are tingling from your recent orgasm and feeling both of the creamy results against your skin.
Having an orgasm in public. Be it a train, a city square, shop or library people around have no idea what your doing
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Every time you bake this recipe, an angel gets its wings.
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