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Show off your hottest thigh highs! Looking for a short video of you walking around the house with nothing but your thigh highs on.
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Simple, sexy, yet delightfully passionate. Sexy women in lingerie are the scratch to my itch!
The art of the tease is what i would like to see Cute girls in Lingerie teasing and bringing themselves to climax whilst still in there underwear, occasional flashes are nice.
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Be on your knees, or crawl around while wearing a tight collar, leash, or choker around your neck. Sit on a dildo, buttplug, or other toy, brownie points for arching your back, opening your mouth, and making a begging pose!
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Light blue is may favorite color and I always have loved seeing a woman wearing it, so dig through your closet and assemble a light blue (regular blue is acceptable but I prefer light blue) outfit! Then put on a show!
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