Cheating girlfriend

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My innocent girlfriend went to a party

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The bad girlfriend
You are getting ready to go to a party with all your old college friends. You are doing your makeup, getting your high heels, your pretty dress.
You tell your boyfriend it’s going to be a quick one. Just a few bears, maybe some shots.
You give your boyfriend a kiss goodbye and walk out the door.

You come stumbling home totally drunk. You crash into bed with all your clothes. You lay there with your back to hubby. You giggle a bit and snuggle up the hubby.
He begins touching your ass, but you keep shooing him away, saying your totally worn out.
But hubby is persistent – he wants some.
You protest a bit but give in. You lay on your back looking straight into hubbys eyes. You ask him, “are you sure?”

Hubby notices your not wearing panties. But you laugh it off and tells him to put it inside.

Now you tell how naughty you have been. You tell hubby how you fucked your old friends all night long. How they came in you. How they ravaged you like the little slut you are.

Hubby cums inside you, and you mention he’s the fourth guy tonight.


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