Collars, leashes and chokers

recipe description

Be on your knees, or crawl around while wearing a tight collar, leash, or choker around your neck. Sit on a dildo, buttplug, or other toy, brownie points for arching your back, opening your mouth, and making a begging pose!

baking directions

Wear something tight around your neck, such as:
- Collar
- Choker
- Leash

- stockings
- buttplug
- cuffs
- nipple clamps
- chains
- etc.

Sit in a begging pose with a dildo, buttplug, or other toy inserted, and crawl around on your knees, arch your back, open your mouth, and beg.

The more submissive / sex-slavey the better! 😈🐶

r/collared has some awesome examples of what to expect (link in examples)


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Im so sorry for the massive delay guys, a bunch of personal stuff came up one after the other ;_; But as a Xmas gift Im gonna send this bake in very shortly <3 regardless of bounties xo

@trublood782 I'm still super excited and keen to do this bake ! Unforunately my lady times came and Im just waiting for it to finish <3 :) gives everyone else time to place their bounties ! xoxo

@trublood782 thankyou so much ! I'll be baking this recipe on Friday, so I'll accept the bounty on thursday ♡ thankyou !

@sharle your tattoos are out of this world

Im also a freelance fetish model on top of clips + camming, I have all of the required + optional props & would love showing them off ♡


$180 awarded

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