Dubstep Dance

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For the true dubstep fans. Turn up the music and rock out naked or do a sexy strip tease to some heavy bass.

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Pretty freeform recipe - dance however you want, dress however you want. Sexy/cute lingerie or costumes are a plus.

Just have a great time, and of course make sure there's dubstep playing in the background.


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Can't wait! Thanks @clarabelle!

@jclapper666 - I like Sierra Leone! I'll try to shoot tomorrow after work. <3

Haha no problem, I probably should've listed some in the recipe. Do you like any of these @clarabelle?

Mt Eden - Sierra Leone: https://soundcloud.com/leonash/mt-eden-sierra-leone
Excision - Drowning: https://soundcloud.com/excision/drowning
Nero - Doomsday: https://soundcloud.com/macdubstep/nero-doomsday

@jclapper666 any music requests? i'm not much of a dubstep connoisseur...


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