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I want to go to bed rested. Let's add a sensual twist to the standard boilerplate ASMR video.

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Let's get some audio nerds baking up a storm! If you haven't heard of ASMR, please Google it, and check out the example videos for camera angles/general style. If bakers have fun with this, we can keep it up with different/new flavors (the infamous cranial nerve exam, woo/psychic/healing, etc) - but for now here's a recipe for a very general style Erotic ASMR video:

  • Length: 15+ mins, longer the better!
  • Setting: bedroom
  • Wardrobe: sexiest lingerie you got. Layers is good, something that takes a decent amount of time to remove if you're being teasy and slow about it.
  • Plot: You've found me awake in bed and you're helping me go back to sleep.
  • Key Audio Triggers: Personally, I enjoy ear-to-ear whispering, soft breathy murmurs/gentle sighs into one ear, and a very tiny bit of soft/quiet ear-licking noises.
  • Key Visual Triggers: Face-touching/body-touching. Check out the Chinese Dry Brush video for some good examples on that.
  • Key Beats/Summary: You discover the would-be dreamer. You whisper ear-to-ear to the dreamer for a time and speak of exactly how you're going to make him dream better. Get as creative as you want with dialogue. Think sensual, slow, deliberate, teasy, with a dash of lip-bitey feigned innocence. You begin to remove articles of clothing between whispers and short bouts of ear licks, taking time to back up into wider angles while silently caressing yourself, then returning close and asking the dreamer if he wants more. Bonus points if you end the scene with a fake/simulated blowjob - bouncy hair at the bottom of the frame is fine. Quiet sucking sounds would be an amazing trigger. :)
  • Style Notes: When moving, it's important to basically try to be a languid and lazy cat-like creature moving through a hazy dream of liquid honey. You can kind of see how subtly exaggerated the movements are in the example videos.

  • Awesome But Not Required: Accents! All kinds of accents are great! Or if you have a voice that sounds like this:


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I have upped the bounty and added some new faces in hopes of stirring up some activity! Happy baking!

@mrtuts If I'm unable to finish this bake in time, I want you to know that I very much want to make this video, but I'm in the process of packing/moving at the moment and I'm struggling to find the time to create content.

No problem! Happy to see some activity and looking forward to it! :)

I won't be able to begin this bake until Wednesday or Thursday. @mrtuts


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