Feeling blue

recipe description

Light blue is may favorite color and I always have loved seeing a woman wearing it, so dig through your closet and assemble a light blue (regular blue is acceptable but I prefer light blue) outfit! Then put on a show!

baking directions

Create a cute outfit with the following:

-Dress, skirt, long shirt, or booty shorts if you have none of those in blue.
-Tight shirt if your torso is not covered by what you picked above.
-Panties (No bra)
-Heels optional

ALL of these or prominently featuring light blue or blue if you don't have light blue.

Once you get your outfit on, show it off!

I want to see a brief tour of what you are wearing (with a little extra attention to your legs).

After that I want to see you play with yourself through the clothes (make sure you give your breasts some attention too!), taking off only the panties and/or booty shorts. Then finally I want to see you come.

Other things:

-If you play with yourself outside, I will love it and tip like 10$


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@TeenyGinger Wow! this is a harder decision than I expected...

My goal was to assemble a cute but not overtly sexual outfit, so I'll go with the boy shorts and something over them like a skirt so that you can take them off under it.

Sweet! @e0450804 would you want me to wear this lingerie: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph59fc9c8b19af3


These boyshorts: https://www.manyvids.com/StoreItem/125835/Tight-Blue-Cotton-Boyshorts-2-Day/

So excited to do this!

I can do this outside if you assign the bounty within the next 5 days :) (after that its gonna get too cold here!)


$25 awarded

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