hidden buttplug in public

recipe description

walk around in a public place (grocery shopping, the mall, a park, movie theatre, etc.) with a buttplug hidden under your clothes. don't forget to show it to the camera while you're out and about!

baking directions

  1. show off the buttplug at the beginning of the video for proof :)
  2. go somewhere public. it doesn't need to be crowded, but it should be a public place such as a grocery store, a park, movie theatre, cafe, anything really
  3. midway through, find a quiet spot where you can spread your ass and show off the buttplug to the camera
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I'm still up for this! I have a pretty steel plug that I've yet to film with.

all good sharle, I'm sure it'll be worth the wait!

Sorry about the wait guys, Im going to be uploading my sneaky butt plug clip by the end of the week ♡ last chance to play a bounty and see it when it goes live !

Hey guys, if you enjoyed my first butt plug bake I'd love to film another one in a different location! So much fun! Xoxo Zoe

noooo foiled! next week is cool though, and down with buttplugs on the beach


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