Hunky men doing chores

recipe description

Well-built, sexy guy(s) doing house work naked, or with some theme-related clothing (apron if you're cooking, duster if you're dusting, etc.)

baking directions

Be as creative as you want! Some house work ideas include:

  • cooking
  • washing dishes
  • sweeping
  • dusting
  • ironing
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We have finished shooting this video! We'll start the editing process once we've got a few more of the stray bounties assigned to us, but for now here's this teaser:
(The full video is also fully nude, with tons more hot domestic action.)

Thanks for your support, @bundtcakes!

Just submitted a recipe change to make it clearer it can be one guy or multiple guys!

@dogged_and_demure You'd be perfect...

I notice it says "men" in the description. Do you need multiple men to appear in the video?


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