Is this too slutty daddy?

recipe description

Can i wear this to the party, daddy? Is too slutty?

baking directions

“Daddy? Daddy where are you?” You walk into daddy’s bedroom to find him on the bed.
“ Can I wear this for the party daddy? Oh please let me wear this” You show daddy your new skimpy outfit that you just got
“what do you mean it’s too slutty?”
You become flustered and embarrassed
You pull the outfit up to show how I’d look on you
“look daddy, it’s not that slutty – you should see my friends! Hannah told me she is not even wearing underwear!”
You start begging to wear it. You sit down on the bed and place your hand randomly on daddy’s crotch.

“Daddy are you getting hard?!”
You walk out in hurry and come back wearing the slutty outfit. You begin to walk slowly over to daddy, all giggly.

You shush daddy moving a finger up to your lips, telling him not to say a word. You sit down in front of daddy and put your hand on daddy’s dick and begin giggling.

You get more and more adventurous and start giving him a blowjob while looking straight into your daddys eyes.

Daddy pulls you up so you sit on him. You remove your panties and lower yourself down his cock.

You cover your own mouth while moaning. “daddy it feels so good, fuck me, fuck me hard”
You tell daddy to cum inside you, and let out a big moan when he does.

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