lesbian schoolgirl seduction video!

recipe description

i'm actually a baker here, but as a bi chick this is something i've wanted to see for a long time. i'm looking for something where a girl in a schoolgirl uniform or cheerleading outfit seduces another girl wearing one of those outfits! bonus points for cheerleading outfit over schoolgirl outfit.

baking directions

I know most bakers are solo, so this one might be a long shot, but it's worth trying!

-Some sort of setting where the girls would be together realistically. Like for a sleepover or hanging out after cheerleading practice or studying or whatever.

-One girl is a lesbian and seduces the straight girl, who didn't know how much she'd enjoy it. An element of not wanting to get caught would be cool too.

-The "seduction" part could be through sneaky touches, making out, whatever!

-A slow build-up would be awesome. Lots of kissing, tit play, sloooow stripping!

-The more "natural" of a feel to it, the better!

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