Make me cheat on my girlfriend using your feet.

recipe description

I always think about how I'd be helpless to turn down a girl who wanted my attention (maybe just to spite my girlfriend) and knew she could get me to worship her feet. Especially if she's teasing me with the fact she can get me to cheat on my girlfriend and enjoys the power trip.

baking directions

Love the teasing part, so maybe heels or socks to begin with before taking them off before you want to make me come. I'd also like you to be playing with yourself for me so that I can't help but watch you and do what you say.
Context is sexy too, like in a bedroom at a house party or as if my girlfriend had gone out for a while and left us alone.
Would be really hot if you knew my girlfriend didn't like letting me play with her feet...

Love you all! <3 <3


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