Men wearing cute panties 🎀 💝

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Cute underwear and handsome hunks.. A girl can dream~

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The scene can be anywhere, anytime. You can have a skinny ripped bod, bear bod, dad bod. It doesn't matter as long as you are cute and have something sexy that leaves the imagination wondering what could be behind the precious skivvies, briefs, manties, whatever you pick. Bonus points if it's pink.

The shot is empty at the start. You walk in and strut your stuff, maybe do a thrilling reveal or confidently stride in plain sight. Just be your charming self for a few tantalizing minutes. Easy enough right?

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Question on the topic of music - given that copyrighted content is not allowed in the videos per the Heartpie legal requirements, what did you have in mind? There are plenty of songs I will rock out to, but very few that I can include in a for-profit product.

@HaveFunVidz: Baker's choice, but it has to work.

@MasturbatorAnonymous: I like beards, PERSONALLY speaking

Any particular song? Or Baker's choice?

Any preference on hair or facial hair?

Furthermore, is audio important? I have a DSLR camera that can record but I don't think I can record audio with it. Maybe I could make something work by splicing together audio from my phone, but not sure


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