🌲 Naked in Nature 🌲

recipe description

explore the wilderness and shoot some sexy videos of yourself against a scenic, outdoorsy backdrop (naturey stuff, like mountains, trees, rivers). go all out and be fully nude, or leave some appropriately themed clothes on (hiking boots, backpack, leggings, etc.)

baking directions

be outdoors in nature, and take some nsfw videos of yourself. be creative, but if you're stuck for ideas, some suggestions below:

  • stripping naked and playing with yourself
  • hike around a bit with nothing but your hiking boots on
  • posing naked against an epic backdrop

if you can, also include some POV footage of you making your way out to the location, which adds a nice off-the-beaten-path vibe


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I have a lovely portfolio of these types of photographs.....

I'd love to re-film this in the spring with a naked picnic theme! :)

Id love to film this as Im a natural nudist !♡

Hello everyone! If you're interested in hot girls getting naughty outside I have a butt plug bake you'll definitely enjoy! XOXO Zoe


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