naked workout routines

recipe description

after putting on what feels like 30 lbs over the holidays, desperately in need of some motivation to hit the gym. watching jacked dudes pump iron doesn't really get me going, hoping some sexy ladies can do some workout routes, sans clothing!

baking directions

  • pick a workout routine (p90x, yoga, etc.), and follow along naked.

  • try and actually complete the routine :)

  • sweatier the better. have fun!


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Lifelong gymnast and yoga instructor...excellent at motivating others ;)

I work out 5 day a week already butt naked in my lil home gym, i would love to complete this bake ♡

I wasn't able to finish this bake on time, but @dawncrx if you'd like to reassign your bounty to me, if if anyone else would like to assign their bounty to me, I'd still love to make a sweaty, naked yoga video.

Oh yeah, this sounds like so much fun!

not quite p90x buuuut... this got me pumped to go to the gym :)


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