Naked Snow Angel

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Every time you bake this recipe, an angel gets its wings.

baking directions

1) Live somewhere that gets snow. Wait for a decent snowfall. This part is a bit out of your control. Unless you travel to a mountain or ski resort to fulfill this recipe.

2) Venture forth out into the winter wonderland buck ass naked. I don't want you to catch cold so you can wear some sort of boots/shoes to protect your feet and a hat to keep your head warm. As long as your head and feet stay warm, it's all good, right?

3) Lay down in the snow and proceed to make a snow angel.

4) For those unfamiliar, this is proper snow angel making technique. It would also be the optimal angle which to film this recipe.

5) Once you've given your angel her wings, exit the scene so we may admire your work.

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Hey @cactusbix, sorry about that, you should've gotten an alert when @InaraPage indicated she was interested in baking the recipe. Our bad, we're working on better notifications!

Btw Inara, you can click the "I'm interested" button again if you're down to bake this recipe again

And cactus, for your bounty you can search for and request any heartpie baker, even if they've already baked it before 😊👍

Actually I guess I can't since you already did it. I'm not super used to how this site works.

I completely forgot about this until I got a comment alert. I would've assigned my bounty to your first bake if I had known. I'll assign it now in case you try again ;)

I'm open to bake this again, but out in nature and possibly with two camera angles :)


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