Peeing in Your Jeans (locked)

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I'm not happy with pants wetting porn. It's either way too gross or over dramatic or just otherwise contrived.

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Ok. Pants wetting porn and videos do exist! It's a little oeuvre, but it's definitely a fetish. I think this website gives me an excellent chance to craft something that I'd like to see, because I find a lot of them to just not click with me.

So, first of all bakers, I would request that you wear a nice pair of jeans that fits very well. I'm not thrilled with ones that have eight million tears in them, so I'd like to avoid those. (That being said, I'm not criticizing anyone's fashion choices in general, you be you!) If you have a nice button up shirt that'd be pretty good too. Part of the thrill of this for me is the normalcy of wearing clothing versus the forbidden nature of peeing your pants, so should you take this up, think like your dressing for the office on a casual Friday. You look good, and sexy, but professional.

Ok, now that we have that laid out, I watch some of these videos, and with all due respect to the performers, I just don't like what I see. Yes, this is a fetish, so there is of course sexual arrousal involved on the part of the watcher, and maybe even the performer, but sometimes there's just an abnormal amount of moaning going on, more like they're masturbating than peeing. I'd just like a more sedate, measured response.

Another thing I don't like is oftentimes in these videos the performers yank their jeans or pants up as high as they can. I guess a lot of guys like to see camel toe? I'm not against camel toe, but I would like just to see the clothing be worn as intended, if that makes sense. Just let the jeans cling to your hips and rise as the designer intended.

Another big problem is too much movement. Again, I guess a lot of guys, or a lot of the small subset of men that would be into this, like to see a girl strike a sexy pose, or lean on things, which sure, great! But I find it detracts from the viewing experience a little bit. Combine this with my final problem of having the camera just being zoomed on the performer's crotch, and I feel like I miss a lot of the action.

Ok, so enough with the negatives, this is what I'd like in the video. I talked about dressing up, but moving beyond that, I'd like just a natural, almost regular experience. I'm not sure how long you'd be willing to make the tape, but I'd just like to watch you drink water, and slowly fill up until you have to pee fairly urgently. I don't want you to be in pain, or cramping up, but it'd be nice if you really had to go. Something akin to maybe you've gone for a walk, and realized that you need to get to a bathroom NOW.

Ok, so you have to pee urgently. You're bladder is full. Great! I like it when a girl has to pee, so by all means let me know how bad you have to go, but again, as stated, I'd rather you not sound like you're having a fake porn orgasm or getting electroshock therapy. Also, I like the idea that you're doing this purely for the sake of doing it. I'd rather you not be humiliated by it, or make up a scenario as to why you're holding it in and then wetting. You're just doing it to do it.

So, even greater! You're ready to wet yourself! Mazel Tov! Ideally I'd like the best lighting possible, and I'd like to see as much of you as possible. Whoever chooses this, if it does get chosen, will undoubtably be beautiful! If I can see your face and your whole body that would be amazing. Also, hopefully you won't be in agony and cramping up, and more or less ready to let go and experience some relief, so no need to be bent over doubled, or weirdly posed. Ideally, you'll be in front of the camera, arms at your side, with your legs slightly apart. Also, standing up, I'd like to watch the pee run down your legs, as you wet yourself. And hopefully you have to go bad enough that you can let it all out. No need for a slow wetting, or any type of show at trying to maintain control. Just stand up, steel yourself, and proudly let go in your jeans.

Awesome! You're wetting your jeans now. This is amazing, and I am thoroughly entranced, turned on, and perhaps even worshipping you slightly. But as a reminder while you're doing it, if you could remain as natural as possible. No need to moan loudly, or pretend like you tried to hold it in. Do let me know if letting go feels good though, or feel free to talk about how it feels.

Ah, it was a good show, you had a good pee, through the rules and shackles of society to the curb, and now you're jeans are hopefully soaked. Well, the pee is probably cooling down, it might not be terribly comfortable, no need to stick around too long. I wouldn't mind watching you pull your jeans down and letting me see your wet panties too, but feel free to clean up ASAP if you'd like, and thank you for the show.

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