Peeping Tom Decides to Man Up

recipe description

A peeping Tom is spying on a busty and fit MILF type. Could be a next door neighbor, a friends mom, stepmom, etc. She should be showering, changing, or pleasuring herself (or all 3!) She catches him. Instead of running, he seduces her and they have sex.

baking directions

Female should be busty and in good shape. Age is not critical, but older than the peep is preferred

A shower sequence or after-shower towel drop is preferred viewing for the peeping Tom

Masturbation is also a plus

When she sees him, she should initially be very angry

There should be a “man up” moment where the peep goes from fear/embarrassment to ownership. She is attracted to his assertiveness and he seduces her

The sex Scene should include a blow job and bouncing titties during doggy style

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Hmm, seems like the perfect recipe for a couple with a twelve-year age difference. . . .


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