Sad shower play, please!

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Sad, sexy lady w/long hair gets wet in the shower wearing a white tank dress/long tee

baking directions


Ideal would be a long haired (breast length) woman


A white tank dress OR long tank shirt


In shower w/water running or somewhere with source of water


  • Start facing the camera with water soaking you until very wet. If face is shown, desire serious, sad, look
  • Look up at water wearing mascara that is not waterproof so it streaks
  • Turn around to show your backside as you slide your dress upwards slowly
  • After your dress reaches the bottom of your back, slowly turn around
  • Slowly slide the dress up and off the rest of your body
  • Wipe mascara off w/dress
  • Drop dress into the water
  • Water continues to fall throughout

(Everything is slow and sad!)

thank you!
<3 <3 <3

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White silk night dress is great! Thank you!!!

I only have a white silk night dress, is that alright for this bake ? I couldn't find a tank dress or long shirt ;( ;(

♡ thanks for nominating me to bake this recipe ! I'm just going to grab a white dress since mine arent appropriate, and have it done by the weekend ♡

Sharle xo


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