Soles and Holes

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I never knew there was a name to this, but once I saw it everything clicked! I love butts with feet!

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I don't explicitly have a thing for feet, but there's something captivating about seeing a butt from behind neatly framed by two soles.

So, that being said, what I want is this:

1.) Get on your knees, with the camera pointed at your butt. Make sure a bit of your feet are visible.

2.) Bend over so that your feet and tushy are visible.

3.) Surprise me! I want to see you play, spank, whatever you like! The important part is the feet and butt.


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@Radminus1 Thank you so much for assigning your bounty to me. Due to @teamheartpie 's 4 day baking time limit, I can't accept your bounty at this time, as I'm much too busy. If you keep your bounty assigned to me until next week, however, I would have more time to finish it then. Thanks again.

Hey there! I'll be filming this clip in the next couple days so be sure to assign your bounties to me ASAP for immediate access to my finished bake! xoxo Zoe


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