You are now employed as my personal secretary.

recipe description

It is your duty to please me in whatever way your imaginative mind can invent. I will be exceptionally satisfied if you are teasing me in an innocent manner.

baking directions

  1. Introduce yourself to your new boss. Tell me more about how you are a good girl in an indirect way. Don't make it too obvious.
  2. Explain why you are a good girl. The reason should involve something sad and allow some room for exploitation. (Lack of money to pay for college and trying to study hard to get scholarships etc.)
  3. Act conservative when I offer to help you. Don't accept my offer straight away.
  4. Then change your mind but still don't be too assertive. This will mark the beginning of sexual activities.
  5. Start to tease me in an innovative way. In a way that will make my man instinct go wild. After this point, everything is under your control.

I will be happy if the video includes inserting a dildo into the vagina.
Positions and actions I hope will be in the video: Doggy Style with your head turn to looking at me with naughty eyes and say how much you wanted me inside and Cowgirl with intense hip movements.

Clothes that I want you to wear is a white business casual shirt and black tight plus short skirt. Please refer to the attached images. Don't remove too many pieces of clothes.

Nicely trimmed pubic hair is a big plus.

This is just a rough guide. Please edit them to make it fit your style.

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